SEO for Dentists

Search engines today are the biggest source of customers. This fact makes SEO for dentists a must-have for your practice if you are a dentist. SEO is a group of techniques used by IT professionals and digital marketers to make your website and brand more visible online and rank higher on search engine result pages. With the right dentist SEO services, you will have a profitable surge of patients to ensure that more people deserving or remarkable services find your office.

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SEO for Dentists Services

Our dentist SEO company, BLU Digital Solutions, has a team of experts ready to make your business goals a reality. Our Dentist SEO Marketing consultants will help you reach a group of potential clients who are yet to hear of your brand and convince them to visit your office. Most dentists do not consider the importance of SEO until their website is done and has already gone live.

While it is possible to incorporate Dentist SEO for an already established site, a way better option is to have your website built with SEO in mind. If you do not have a website, then you can also call on us for excellent website design services. We have qualified website designers that also have knowledge in SEO to ensure that you launch your site on the right note. Our team will ensure that your website is search engine friendly from the very start using only the best white hat techniques in the industry.

Local SEO for dentists

Many clients seeing a dentist’s services will prefer to visit a reliable office close to their residence, which is why local SEO is a perfect solution for you. One of the best techniques in local SEO includes the use of databases holding geographical information pertaining to local businesses. These databases contain information such as business name, location, contact details, and a map of your location as would be seen on Google Maps. BLU Digital Solutions will help you set up your listing. For instance, if you are an orthodontist based in Little Rock and a potential client residing there keys in ‘Orthodontist based in Little Rock,’ your listing will show, thus bringing them to your website and office.

Additional Dentists SEO services for your business website:

Keyword research and target market analysis

As seen above, patients looking for professional dentist services key in specific phrases on their search engine of choice to create a list of clinics they may visit. To determine these key phrases, a thorough market and competitor analysis is important. By identifying the keywords potential customers in your locality and competitors use, we can come up with a list of phrases that you will require on your web-pages, homepage, and other places on your website to improve your chances of being found.

Provision of accurate business details

The most important way of describing your clinic would be through the use of its name, address, and phone number. Local search engine algorithms use this information to verify your existence. This means that the contact information highlighted above must be accurate and consistent across all platforms, including your website social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and review sites like Angie’s List. Your details must also be grammatically correct, and your address formatted correctly.

On-page SEO

On-page dental SEO marketing refers to all the techniques and changes you use on your website to make it appealing to your visitors and search engine bot friendly. These include the adaption of HTML and content throughout your website’s frontend. Such methods include:

  • Title and meta-description optimization: Google only presents the first 70 characters of your page’s title, including spaces, on the search results. Thus, you want to ensure that it never goes over 70 characters. The meta-description shows readers what the article they are about to open is about, and never goes over 156 characters.
  • Content optimization: as a dentist, you are uniquely qualified to offer excellent advice to customers regarding oral health. Use your expertise to create excellent content for your site, and add the keywords identified earlier without stuffing. Also, add your clinic’s details to the articles without overdoing it. Such content is supposed to be engaging and helpful rather than overly sales-oriented.
  • Internal linking: this is a technique where you link to other pages on your website in every new post you make. These links will increase the time spent on your website by visitors and ‘remind’ search engines that you have plenty of content on your website. Search engines also find your content more easily if internal links are leading to it on your site.
  • Proper article formatting: you want your articles to be easier to read and follow to avoid having a high bounce rate. Methods you can use to format your work well include the use of subtitles that are rich in keywords and using bulleted points, which make it possible for your site to be used for ‘Google snippets.’
  • Use images and videos: in medicine and dentistry, images help readers have a better picture of what you are saying and understand it better. Optimized images and other forms of media have been found to raise rankings on Google.

Off-page SEO techniques for dentists

These are methods used to boost traffic for your website and increase brand recognition without interfering with it in any way. Such methods include:

  • Social media marketing: our social media marketing team will create pages for you on networks such as Facebook and optimize it so that many local customers will be able to find you.
  • Getting you quoted on local health publications and blogs: such avenues provide you with a unique audience that will have your clinic on their minds the next time they need to see a dentist.
  • Writing articles for local publications and health blogs
  • Contributing to charities and fund drives that list their donors and free health clinics to boost your reputation
  • Link building: where we get high-value websites in the health industry to link your website in their content to boost traffic and increase your authoritativeness in your field.