SEO for Car Dealers

If your passion is all things cars and own a car dealership, you must know that car buyers are different. Some prefer having specific make and models for their dream car, while others prefer specific dealers and services. However, all these car buyers have one deal on common: they will seek their car dealer on the internet.

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SEO for Car Dealers Services

Today, people have mobile devices and access to the internet, which means that they will use search engines to find a car dealer that will provide the bundle of services they deem excellent.

If you are a car dealer looking to remain future-proof and profitable, then SEO for car dealers is one thing that you must invest in. SEO is one of the most effective and long-term approaches to digital marketing. Whether you are a brand new car dealership or a well-established entity, car dealer SEO is a must-have for continuous success in business. Unlike the older methods of marketing, such as print media and TV, where you release your message to hundreds of thousands of people hoping that a small percentage will call you, SEO is more specific. When someone types in ‘car dealership near me’ and your car dealership website is SEO-friendly, then they will find you. SEO lets you communicate directly to prospective customers looking for the exact services that you offer.

Our SEO Company, BLU Digital Solutions, will help you get started with everything you require to have a robust SEO for Car Dealership campaign. Our able team of SEO consultants will optimize your website or search engines so that you secure more sales, build your brand name, and keep customers coming for years on end.

What is car dealership SEO?

Car dealership SEO, better called automotive SEO, is a digital marketing technique that uses both on-page and off-page methods to increase your car dealership’s website’s visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). These optimization methods will boost your website’s organic traffic, online conversions, and sales.

Reasons why you must invest in car dealership SEO

You will get a competitive edge over your competitors

Your competitors are a significant consideration in business, and remaining ahead of them is one way of future-proofing your business. 55% of internet users click on the first five results returned by search engines. By having your website rank higher than theirs, you, therefore, increase your chances of getting clients compared to them. By investing in professional SEO for auto dealers, you show more dedication and seriousness towards getting customers that they do.

You will have more targeted leads

SEO and other digital marketing strategies have many advantages, the most significant one being the ability to obtain more targeted leads. SEO lets you get customers looking for what you are selling in your specific location. For instance, if you searched for the phrase ‘car Dealerships,’ finding your website may take a while. However, if you are based in Little Rock, and you search for ‘Car Dealership Little Rock,’ finding your site becomes easier. These phrases are called long-tail keywords, and they help site owners target more specific audiences. Since these phrases are rarely searched for, whenever they do get searched, the people who use them will most likely become customers. If your website is optimized for search engines, you may find yourself on the first page. This way, every client in Little Rock looking for a car dealership will visit your website first.

It increases your brand’s authority

If your website ranks first on search engine result pages, customers and other people looking for information related to cars will regard your brand well. People regard websites that rank on the first page of SERPs as more authoritative and more likely to provide high-quality services and insights.

It boosts brand awareness

Brand awareness is critical for your business, especially if you are a new entrant in the market. You may have an excellent website and equally remarkable services, but if no one knows that you exist, no customers will benefit from your services. With proper SEO for car dealers, your website will be more visible, and your online audience will increase. With better website visibility, your website and brand will be one of the options that prospective car buyers will have.

The most reliable automotive SEO techniques include:

Keyword and market research

Internet users today use specific terms and phrases to find the information or services they require online. The only way that customers looking for what you offer will find you is if you have the specific keywords your potential clients would use. Our team will identify the best keywords used by both your potential customers and your competitors and guide you on how to use them to boost your organic traffic. One of the best ways to utilize these keywords is to write content with these keywords properly ingrained in them, such as blog posts, individual web pages, and homepage content.

Using high-quality content

If your website has excellent, fresh, and engaging content on your website, then people will find your website specifically to find more information. By having helpful content regarding your area of interest, customers will also look to you when seeking the services you offer. High-quality content amounts to accuracy, uniqueness, engagement, and clean grammar. Information that you can offer for automotive SEO would be tips on how to buy a car, specific information regarding the cars in your inventory, and answers to frequently answered questions from potential customers.


In addition to quality content and keywords, there are so many aspects of your car dealership website that need optimizing. These include:

  • Images, videos, and other media on your website: These require ALT texts in case they do not load properly and size optimization to ensure they do not reduce your website’s loading speed.
  • Site URL: it should be easy to read and crawl through by search engine bots
  • Site Title and Meta tags: these tags enable search engines to identify the content on your website and make it visible to your target clients

Result monitoring

Once we optimize your website for these and many more aspects of SEO, we shall track the results to ensure that you are on the right track. SEO takes a while to show results, and by tracking the results continuously, your morale will rise as your traffic does. It will also show whether the keywords are working and if your website traffic is converting as you would expect it to. Moreover, we shall also identify your weaknesses and fix them to improve your car dealership SEO campaign.