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SEO is the most efficient client acquisition strategy for most law firms. Through search engine optimization, these firms improve their online presence to ensure their sites and blogs significantly rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines for target keywords. The most successful law firms appreciate that they cannot perform well if they put their practice in front of the wrong audience. That is the reason they look for law firm SEO services that have the required expertise and experience to help them.

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SEO for Attorneys Services

If you consider that SEO for law firms grants you the opportunity to close 14.6% of your leads, you may appreciate why we advise lawyers to adopt this advanced marketing approach. Traditional strategies, such as print ads, can help you to convert no more than 1.7% of the outbound leads.

How SEO for Law Firms Works

Once your law firm’s website is properly SEO optimized, search engines can scrawl and favorably index it. If you create a site without following SEO rules, your website cannot be indexed, which means they cannot be stored on the right web library. When people who are looking for reliable and competent attorneys conduct their online search, they put on their requests to the library and cannot locate you.

However, websites that have been optimized for search have high chances of featuring on the first page of search engines. However, due to the high level of competition, you need to do everything right persistently to be able to rank well.

The act of optimizing your websites helps crawlers to understand what the pages are about to be able to index them favorably.

SEO Attorney Tactics to More Clients

  • Use Target Keywords

We consider efficient keyword research as one of the most important secrets that you can use to ensure your site attracts the right audience.

Since many people want to work with lawyers who are located in their cities and the environs, you can resort to local SEO to target them. To achieve this, create specific keywords that include the name of your location.

A more significant number of people who need the service of lawyers also simply search the practice area. For example, the majority are more likely to Google words like “divorce lawyer,” family attorney, or “assault attorney.” To be able to attract these potential clients, we advise that you use keywords that are closely related to your specific practice area.

Another class of people that you need to target is those who need urgent legal help. They use high-intent keywords, such as “affordable business lawyer near me” and “best injury lawyer…” Use these law firm SEO keywords to reach out to many of these individuals and convert them into clients.

Unfortunately, from our experience, most people who have acquired this knowledge struggle to target the right keywords but register no significant success. The truth is that this technical bit of SEO is tricky, and you likely need some tools to make your life easy. Use SEMrush, Ubersuggest, or another keyword magic tool to find SEO law target keywords. The best keywords for sites with low domain authority are those that have relatively small competition.

  • Post Captivating Content

We can help you to create quality content because we know that content is king. Once you have completed the above steps, you need to start the actual action of developing long-lasting relations with your target audience to give search engines a hint that you are delivering on your precious promises.

The content should demonstrate your professionalism and expertise in your area of practice. It should assure your audience that you have their interest at heart. This way, you can have not only more repeat sales but also better search results in the future.

Consider using SEMrush’s “question” filter to gather essential insights on the questions that people are asking on your area of specialty and develop content that answers those questions. 

  • Pay Attention to Link Building

As we have seen above, how well you optimize your law site for search has a direct influence on your domain authority. We ensure our clients’ websites have relevant backlinks to grant them the highest chance to rank on the first page of Google and convert more of their visitors.

If you ask us to do for you this attorney SEO work, we acquire quality links from authoritative sites. Before long, you begin to get qualified referral traffic. Your ranking also improves since Google uses that as an indication that your firm offers trustworthy attorney services.

A common way to acquire valuable backlinks that you can rely on is guest posting. In this case, you post useful and original content on a high-traffic law site and reach out to the audience. Since you also link back to your firm’s website, you can boost your SEO effort through this tactic within a short period.

We also advise our clients to submit their websites to a few of the hundreds of legal directories out there. We help them to choose reliable online directories to improve their backlink profile and get some clients through them.

  • Prioritize Schema Markup

The more rich information you provide to Google,   your law firm has higher chances to display the precise details on the SERPs. The increased visibility ensures you are better placed to stand out and help your potential clients to make the most appropriate information.

You have three options here, and we can help you to add any or all of them. If you want your clients to see your firm as a reputable provider of legal services, choose legal services markup instead of the others.

We can help you to add review markup if you want your audience to see your positive reviews that feature a star- rating with the name of the person who has left the feedback, where feasible.

Another standard solution to your SEO law needs is the NAP markup. Here, we can help you to add the name (N) of your law firm, the address (A), and phone number/contact information (P) to enable your audience to reach you with ease.

We have taken the time to give you some of the most crucial pieces of information that you need to rank high on Google or other search engines.

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