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Search engine optimization, what you may have heard many talk of at an online marketing agency and other forums as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine result pages. Based on what users seek on the internet via their favorite search engines, which can be Google, Bing, or Yahoo, primary results, including images, videos, and web pages are returned to ensure utmost relevance and benefit to the user. By ensuring that your website’s content meets this relevance, you will be able to get more organic traffic, which is especially valuable for your business.

Where we come in:

We at BLU Digital Solutions, an experienced SEO company, are fully aware of how valuable your business’ online presence is. Without proper SEO, you may end up spending thousands of dollars in the best digital marketing efforts and getting almost no returns. If you are an upcoming personality with remarkable talent seeking to use a blog to interact with your fans, then without SEO, you will not stand a chance. No matter how well crafted your blog is or how powerful its message, if you are not found on the first ten results on organic searches, your blog may never be found.  Without SEO, no one can see you or hear your message, and our qualified team of local SEO managers is here to ensure that that is never the case.



On-Page SEO

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to all the techniques that involve tweaking your website’s content to make it rank better. On-page SEO services take a deeper look at all the vital aspects of your content that many would otherwise deem unnecessary, such as:

Keyword optimization and market research: keywords are most probably the most important aspect of on-page SEO. Keywords relating closely to your products and services are critical in making your website visible. By conducting thorough market research, our SEO consultants shall determine the words your target market uses to searches for products online and use them strategically in your content to make you more visible. Keywords are often changing, and we are more than glad to keep you updated as the market changes.

Page titles: Did you know that your content titles should not exceed 60 characters because Google does not display the rest? By keeping your title between 50 and 60 characters, your titles will be viewed better by search engine users.

URLs: Our team will optimize your URL to ensure it is concise yet reflects the content of your webpage accurately and easy for the search engine bots to understand.

Website navigation: a website that is easy for users to maneuver their way around is not only good for them but for SEO as well. Our SEO gurus will tweak your navigation wherever necessary so that Google bots can crawl and index it easier.

Off-Page SEO

Off Page Seo

Off-page SEO, as the term suggests, is all about steps taken to make your website more popular without interfering with it, one of the most valuable methods of Off-page SEO is social media marketing. We have a dedicated team of social media management specialists prepared to create, manage, and optimize your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. Our experts will generate a positive buzz about your brand and take steps in reputation management to keep you relevant.

Another popular technique in Off-page SEO that we specialize in is social bookmarking, where we interact with popular sites like to bookmark your website. This simple technique will help you gain a massive following and organic traffic.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the side of search engine optimization that deals with your website’s backend. Your website development and architecture are essential as it plays a part in its functioning, loading speed, and 404 error message optimization. We also carry out a thorough technical SEO audit in which web hosting and domain names, broken links, unnecessary redirects, and sitemap efficiency.

Why is SEO so important to your business?

It may go without saying that SEO is important, but how exactly does the visibility it brings to your website improve your business?

Easier conversion

Marketing is often about convincing customers to purchase your products, and often, a potential lead may not convert into a sale if they are not interested in what you are offering. However, with SEO, the conversion is way easier as clients who find your site are already looking for what you are selling. With such warm leads, all you need is a user-friendly website, great prices, and incentives, as well as customer service. The harder job of convincing them is often eliminated.

It is cost-effective

SEO is one of the most valuable approaches to digital marketing, especially for startups and SMEs. This is because all you need is to optimize your website and ensure that you conform to Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. SEO costs up to 62% less than other online marketing methods, and has been found to return over 3x your investment! Our SEO consulting firm offers the friendliest SEO monthly packages that come with a wholesome bouquet of SEO services for your website. We deliver long-term results because we advocate for and use only the best white hat methods in the market.

SEO builds your brand

Your branding and design efforts work better if your website takes one of the top positions on the SERPs. Your website or blog visitors will regard your website as safe to browse through and shop on, easy to use, and will trust your content better. 

Enables you to compete effectively

33% of all search traffic goes to the first result on the SERPs. If you are in eCommerce, our eCommerce website development services will transform your website to get you that highly coveted first place. The second best is not going to cut it, unfortunately, as it only gets 18%, and the numbers keep dropping. Any business in a highly competitive market, especially a startup, will stand a massive chance of survival and prosperity by ranking first on the result pages.