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What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization today is the talk of many marketing agencies Macon agencies. Without it, your target audience will never hear your message, no matter how beneficial it is. We at BLU Digital Solutions are here to make your website SEO friendly so that your business website is visible to your clients.

SEO is a set of practices for optimizing your website to ensure you get high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). With a position on the first page of organic search results, your organic traffic will be higher, which means more readers for your blog or buyers for an ecommerce website. SEO Macon Services are all about increasing the quality of content and UX on a website to ensure top quality to your website visitors.


Why your business needs SEO

Internet users are more likely to click on any of the first five results on the SERPs, which means that you want your website to be one of those five. A high position on the SERPs also indicates a great UX and quality content, which boosts trust, credibility, and authority in your website and brand. SEO Macon Ga is also important for social marketing. If your client likes what they see on your website, they will feel inclined to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Another most significant benefit is that you will compete more favorably. If your website ranks higher than that of your competitor, your customers will find it first and buy your products rather than theirs.

Why choose BLU Digital Solutions?

We are a Macon SEO agency with plenty of experience and highly qualified staff in all aspects of SEO. SEO encompasses many vital components, which makes it highly technical, and by hiring us to handle your SEO needs, you will be assured of excellent results. Our Macon search engine optimization services are a perfect fit for you regardless of the industry that you are in. We are prepared to make you a cost-effective monthly package that will suit your pocket. If you are looking for the best SEO companies in Macon, look no further than us. Below is a deeper account of all the services we offer:

On-page SEO

Next up on the factors that affect your site’s ranking is on-page SEO. Your website’s front end is as valuable as its backend when it comes to ranking, and our SEO managers will optimize its structure and content. Ways in which our SEO company Macon plans to boost your on-page SEO include:

  • Keywords and market research

Keywords are a major component in SEO, and they are phrases and words that you place strategically in your content to make it easier for internet users to find your website. To identify the right keywords for your website and industry at large, an in-depth analysis of your target market is required. This way, it is possible to know how they look for what you are offering and implement keyword SEO to get your site higher up on the SERPs.

Identifying keywords for SEO is a tasking and delicate process that involves trial and error. Still, our professionals here at BLU Digital Solutions are ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our keyword and market research package will offer you a list of valuable and reliable keywords. We understand that the best keywords are not necessarily the most popular and that a keyword list needs constant updating. Leave that work to us so you can focus on running your business and accomplishing your goals.

  • Content marketing

A website with excellent content almost has everything it needs to get a great position on the SERPs. The best content for on-page SEO is original, high quality, and engaging; complete with images and other forms of illustrations. The content on your website should add value to its readers, should have accurate facts, and should be well-researched. Excellent content also comes with an optimized meta-description, which should be less than 160 characters and contain all the necessary keywords.

  • URL optimization

Your website’s URL needs to be optimized for easy crawling. For instance, it should have hyphens rather than underscores separating different parts, possess keywords, and should utilize categories for better organization.

  • Internal links

Google’s core algorithm is built to reward websites with links within their content, which is why they are so important. They also help search engines ‘know’ about your other pages and keep your blog or website visitors for longer on your website, thus reducing your bounce rates.

Technical SEO

SEO has a massively technical side that would require an advanced scripting engineer to maneuver their way about. Technical SEO is all about page design elements, hosting and server configurations, sitemaps, website loading speed, and other aspects that may require an overhaul or repair to boost SEO. In addition to these factors, our technical SEO Macon engineers will also investigate the mobile-readiness of your website, which is a key ranking factor today. If your website has any crawling or broken links, we shall find and remove them for you.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO are the techniques we shall use to get your website more popular online for better visibility. On-page and off-page SEO are almost similar, in that they both rely on fabulous, engaging content to thrive. Excellent content also generates backlinks and is more sharable, which directs us to the first, most critical technique in Off-page SEO

  • Social media marketing

Off-page SEO is all about making your website popular without tinkering with its content or backend, and there is no better way than to use social media. People today take businesses on social media seriously, and engaging with people on social media will generate buzz about your product and generate leads for your business. The most important social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

To make social media even more effective, sharable, engaging, and thought-provoking content is required, which is what you will get from our online marketing Macon agency. We also provide the best Facebook page setup and management services, twitter account management, and we shall set up a robust and professional LinkedIn profile for you or your business. Social media today is the networking forum of choice, and our social media experts at BLU Digital Solutions will help you make the most of it.

  • Social bookmarking sites

A trend that not many are aware of today is social bookmarking, where some popular websites built specifically for bookmarking, such as digg.com and Tumblr allow you to ‘list’ your website on them. Such popular sites bring plenty of traffic to your website and are great for reputation management Macon Ga. Our team at BLU Digital Solutions is willing to partner with these sites to help you reap the benefits that it has brought to many other high-quality websites.

App Development

With the mobile revolution that has had billions of owning at least one mobile device, a mobile-responsive website is not sufficient. A mobile app is now the way to go to be fully mobile-ready. Thanks to pushing notifications and feed features, businesses have found a new way to get their messages across to customers. If designed to meet your customers’ tastes and desires, an app can generate interested and passionate traffic for your business website.

If you are looking for an iOS or Android app development Macon services for a clean, attractive, and useful app, then look no further than BLU Digital Solutions. Our team of app designers is well-versed with the Google Play and App Store design guidelines and will have your clients’ security as our top priority. From your vision and understanding, we plan to craft an effective and secure mobile application that will provide a seamless UX for your customers. We also use the best techniques and tools to build the app, which we shall test and fix as the need arises.

Website Development

Custom web development Macon Ga services are the way to go for any business that is forward-looking and has the interests of their customers at heart. A website built from scratch by web design professionals at BLU Digital Solutions will give you the uniqueness you need to stand out from the crowd in your industry. Unlike other methods that use themes that you can easily find on another site, our custom-made websites will place your logo, fonts, images, and slideshows exactly where you want them.

A custom-made website will also offer more security as its code is proprietary. Our Macon web design teams use open-source scripting languages such as PHP, but your code will remain yours. If you are in finance, healthcare, or any other industry that handles sensitive information, our website design Macon Ga services are a better solution for you.


Ecommerce Development

Technology has changed the way people do things, one of the most notable changes being online shopping. People today want to shop from the comfort of their homes, which has made eCommerce one of the most appealing business options.

Enter the lucrative world of eCommerce with our remarkable eCommerce development services. Whether you want to use Shopify, WordPress, OpenCart, or any other popular eCommerce website builder or even have a website built from scratch, we have a package that will work well for you. We offer services including custom eCommerce web development, payment method integration, plugin development for WordPress, and shopping cart development.

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