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When you need to grow your business via web traffic, social media, or any other digital avenue, the first thing you must ask yourself is this: What makes BLU Digital Solutions any different than other SEO companies out there?

Knowledge, credibility, and professionalism is the short answer. As a family-owned business that understands the importance of providing value, we look at your business model from different perspectives. We listen to what your goals are for growing your organization. Then, together, we create a customized strategy to meet those goals.

Why SEO?

The majority of people surfing the web for a product or service choose a company from the organic listing on page one. SEO gets you there and keeps you there!

Our comprehensive approach to using creative SEO strategies means increased traffic each and every day.

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Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are powerful platforms that become even more engaging when linked to your webpage via SEO. Build your brand and reach new customers!

Gainesville Website Design

With your input, we design websites that generate high traffic volume along with high conversion rates. 

website design

Reputation Management

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
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Reviews and Social Proof

Everybody reads reviews before buying a product or service. As such, making sure that you have the right management software in place to capture those 5-star reviews is critical. 

Content Marketing

Writing effective content is all about connecting with your target audience, as well as Google’s algorithms. Information that educates and engages your audience translates into higher traffic volume and, ultimately, better conversions. We make your webpage the go-to authority!

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

How do search engine optimization companies work?

Competent SEO consultants

Competent SEO consultants will use the best white-hat techniques and tools to ensure that your webpage or blog lands on page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They are well-versed with how search engine algorithms work, and more importantly, they stay on top of industry changes. Whether you run a company web page or blog, your site’s quality of search engine traffic is essential for success.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

After all, if Google makes an algorithm change, and we don’t adjust strategies to meet those changes, the customer ultimately suffers. Our Gainesville SEO company has experts in other fields including a digital marketing team, webpage design, and auditing engineers to provide you with an all-around comprehensive SEO strategy that helps you accomplish your goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy

 As a business owner, investing your marketing dollars on SEO strategies that generate website traffic only to have low conversion rates is wasteful. At BLU Digital Solutions in Gainesville, FL, we are committed to understanding your business needs and identifying your target clientele resulting in superior SEO strategies tailored to your individual needs.

High Value SEO

As a high-value SEO search engine company, we are prepared to provide you with measurable results. Unlike other traditional marketing approaches, SEO can be easily tracked, and the resulting metrics used to make adjustments in real-time.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

So, when looking for SEO guidance in Gainesville, FL, look no further than BLU Digital Solutions. We have proven search engine optimization strategies that work across multiple search engines Get your FREE website analysis today!

What is the difference between web development and web design?

website developement

You may notice the two terms being used interchangeably in search engine optimization, though there is a slight difference between the two. Web developers focus more on the website’s backend, using programming elements to ensure that all the fine aspects of your site, such as forms, databases, payments, hosting are working great.

Web designers, on the other hand, are more concerned with the frontend of the site. They use their expertise for web page design to ensure that the colors on the site are cohesive and match your brand and improve navigation and user experience.

Comprehensive Approach

Why choose BLU Digital Solutions for your web development and design needs?

We are a search engine optimization agency and web design organization with plenty of experience in the world of website development and design service. We provide only the best web design services for small businesses for our clients. We use open-source scripting languages for a custom, proprietary, and safe webpage for blogging, eCommerce, or any other purpose.

We are willing to consult with you and your staff to determine your company website’s precise vision and ensure we craft a webpage that adequately portrays your company vision, mission, and objectives. By choosing us, you will also enjoy the following list of benefits from our services.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
What we do

We provide exactly what you want!

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

A website built from scratch provides a single key advantage: customization. Our Gainesville SEO staff at BLU Digital Solutions is willing to scale with you. If you want a simple webpage for consumers to access your services, we are willing to provide it and offer competitive web design packages.

On the other hand, if you have the budget for a massive webpage with loads of content and functionality, our staff of qualified search engine optimization website developers and designers will deliver the best web design service for your project.

Custom web design also means that you get a site unlike any other on the internet. The code we use will be proprietary, which guarantees uniqueness, safety, and excellent branding. We offer webpage development for clients across all industries, including finance and banking, education, and restaurant web design. Whatever project you are working on, you can count on the BLU Digital Solutions SEO agency.

Responsive Design

Today, most people prefer to access the internet on any of their mobile devices.

the users’ needs

Gone are the days where people remained stuck indoors facing bulky desktops to surf the internet.

Without a mobile-responsive webpage, you are potentially losing a lot of traffic and customers as you work to improve your search engine optimization.


Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Competitor Research

This is especially true if your competitors have websites that can easily accommodate the size of any screen.


As such, you need to make sure that you hire a professional team that excels in versatile web development.

Efficiency Matters

If your webpage isn’t mobile-responsive in the modern era, you are also losing in terms of SEO. Why? Because Google rewards websites that not only work well on mobile devices but also load quickly. Mobile-responsiveness in this mobile-driven age means more profits and a better company image.

Access to the best website design professionals

It takes a visitor less than a second to get an impression of your web page, aiming to dazzle them at first sight by choosing our experienced webpage designers at BLU Digital Solutions in Gainesville, FL. Your site needs to be beautiful and interesting to browse through, but never at the expense of speed or usability.

High-quality web design service and search engine optimization development services should find the delicate balance between appeal and usefulness. The BLU Digital Solutions specialists in Gainesville, FL, are more than happy to assist you with your global and local SEO needs.

Meeting of creative professional in modern office
What is really important?

Reaching the Most People

social media marketing blu digital solutions

This is done through successful online marketing. Here at BLU Digital Solutions in Gainesville, FL, our web specialists can help you establish effective social media marketing. As your Gainesville SEO company, we go above and beyond web design.

We are also a marketing agency that wants to see you rank among the most successful businesses. We use our effective web design in conjunction with a digital marketing campaign to reach as many customers as possible.

This online marketing strategy can help your business grow by providing options that deliver long-term outcomes. We make sure that your Google SEO campaign is strategized to drive you to the top of business listings. Unfortunately, many companies forget the importance of digital marketing and how powerful social media is to their growth.

Your Gainesville SEO Company

As the leading Gainesville Search Engine Optimization company in FL, we understand the importance of effective SEO and social media marketing. That’s why we take pride in our ability to manage our clients’ social media image, and we handle all aspects of each project professionally.

When you hire our services in Gainesville, FL, you can look forward to an SEO firm that takes social media marketing to the next level. By entrusting us to manage your social media account, you will have a web development companion that delivers tangible results.


Multiple Platforms

We will work hard to craft a dominant social media marketing campaign for your company. And we don’t just limit ourselves to a single social media platform. Instead, our marketing agency service in Gainesville, FL, establishes SEO campaigns across all major and minor social media platforms.

The Best Solutions

Regardless of which service or services you use, you can trust that we will provide the best, most effective social media marketing strategy for your company. We tailor our SEO services to meet the needs of our clients, not the other way around.



Proven SEO Packages

This ensures that our SEO packages are customized, unique, and designed around your business model and individual needs. Our SEO packages serve to ensure long-term benefits to your brand, providing a vision for the future that delivers proven results.

As one of the best Gainesville, FL, SEO companies, you can expect to receive local SEO talent that reaches a global audience. Unlike other SEO agencies, BLU Design Solutions in Gainesville doesn’t outsource to other organizations or service providers.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

Performance websites that actually convert

If you are looking to upgrade from a subdomain or build a new webpage from scratch, consider selecting our SEO agency to build the perfect webpage for your business. A flashy, new webpage means nothing if it is nowhere to be found, which is why we have blended our webpage developers and SEO consultants to create a powerful group of specialists that will propel your product or service to the next level.


Best page load speeds increase SEO performance as well as visitor satisfaction.

Mobile First

Designed from the mobile experience and then optimized for tablet and desktops.


Digital Marketing

As you strive to be the first page in search engine rankings, you need to have a worthy site among the search list. Companies with top listings often have highly-accessible web design coupled with exceptional internet marketing.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

Getting in a position where you can establish your product or service as a top-ranking site on Google means you need to have a strong internet marketing company backing you up.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions

Google web optimization and search results are certainly significant, but you also need a robust online presence.

We Know How to Develop

In-House Solutions

Innovating Bright & Creative Ideas

We handle everything in-house, from business listings, keyword research, web development, and building web pages to SEO campaigns, email marketing, and more. Search engine optimization is an essential component of successful business listings.

As such, we strive to provide the most customized, personable experience in Gainesville, FL. At BLU Digital Solutions, we know how essential it is for you to have unique marketing. You want to stand out among your competitors so that consumers take notice of your services.

Projects Completed


innovation design

Winning Strategies

With that being said, our search engine optimization tactics sometimes include methods that are working for other clients to ensure that you are getting the most effective SEO services available. We compile a list of the most effective strategies and implement them into our web development and search engine optimization services.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Work with us

This will help drive you to that coveted first-page position on Google search engine results. Search engine marketing (SEM) is just as important as search engine optimization. And it’s the gold standard that you can expect from BLU Digital Solutions.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Our process

Your global and local search entries on Google will reflect the high level of search engine optimization that we provide your company. Being a local SEO leader and providing our services in Gainesville, FL, we have the talent to deliver world-class SEO services.

global reach

It’s all part of our service to you – to help you gain the most reach possible in your search engine optimization needs. We encourage you to reach out to us today if you’re ready to explore our search engine optimization options. We will be happy to discuss the difference we can make in your search engine results.

Global Reach

What’s more, we don’t just limit our search engine optimization service to Google Search Console. We work with multiple search engines to help you get the best ranking across the board. Many consumers use search engines other than Google. That’s why we specialize in helping you reach the most customers across several search engines.

Features & Benefits

Ecommerce Website Design

Today’s eCommerce world is a billion-dollar industry, and many are still choosing to give a flexible and low-cost business model a shot. Have you settled on using WordPress for your eCommerce business?

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions


Our staff is ready to help you with WordPress web design and show you around its popular eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce.

Gainesville BLU Digital Solutions
Take control

Fully Compatible

Our eCommerce experts are also versed with other eCommerce webpage builders such as Shopify and will ensure you start your online store on the right foot.

We are among the best eCommerce web design companies, and we plan to empower your eCommerce webpage with social media integration, integration of convenient payment options, shopping carts, and provision for customer support.

our team

Who Is the BLU Digital Team?

As a leading Gainesville SEO (search engine optimization) company, BLU Digital Solutions is home to many talented people. Our Gainesville, FL, service is made up of some of the hardest-working individuals in the search engine optimization industry.

As such, you expect our Gainesville, FL, staff to deliver professional service in all aspects of our search engine optimization packages. We’re a local SEO company that delivers BIG outcomes in all that we do. From email marketing to web design service, you can expect big things from our staff.

our team

Meet our Brilliant People Who will work with you

Grant Garab

Grant is the founder of BLU Digital Solutions. Grant is a United States Marine with a wife and three young boys. His dedication to his country and family is what keeps him grounded and wanting to serve others. This translates into selfless and tireless efforts to our customers when helping to grow their business. Grant stays on the cutting edge of our industry by seeking out relevant information as it becomes available. When someone like Google makes a change, Grant knows about it!

Natalie Garab

Natalie is the voice of reason and the matriarch of this family business. Natalie’s analytical thinking and a real passion for helping others are second to none. She puts others’ needs first and will do the same for your business when you become a client. The customer’s satisfaction and success is her priority!

Wayne Garab

Wayne has over 30 years of experience in helping others grow their business and understands that reputation and treating others fairly is the only way to succeed. His mission in life is to grow the family business into the most reputable and sought after ‘people helping people’ business. After all, his seven grandchildren are always watching!

Brad Fisher

Always on the bleeding edge of technology, Brad seeks out new features and functionality that help businesses grow at light speed. “My main goal is to leverage new tech that will speed up the process rather than slow it down. At the end of the day, SEO is supposed to be easy, ya know?”

We Never Sleep

In Gainesville, BLU Digital Solutions never sleeps when it comes to providing cutting-edge methods and technologies to grow their client’s businesses. We are continually learning from top experts in the industry to provide the most up to date value and techniques when helping you grow your client base.

When deciding who you choose to help grow your customer base and ultimately take your business to the top, the BLU Digital Solutions Gainesville family will be there right beside you to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Success is a choice; make it count!

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