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Every business worth its salt today has a robust mobile application to boost the functions of its already existing website. From eCommerce entrepreneurs to banking and finance, hospitality, leisure and tourism, healthcare, and other industries, it is impossible to find an industry where a mobile app is not applicable. As of 2019, there were over five billion mobile users globally, with the average American adult spending at least three hours on either of their mobile devices. The Google PlayStore had 2.6 million apps, while the iOS App Store had 2.2 million apps, which are significant figures for the two most vital mobile app marketplaces on the internet.

A mobile app for your business is a must-have tool for effective sales, marketing, and customer support. Our mobile app developers at BLU Digital Solutions, a reputable SEO and Digital Marketing Agency are more than glad to make your mobile app come into existence. Our app developers for hire have plenty of knowledge in the main languages used to script mobile applications, including Java, Objective C, Python, Swift, and many others; along with the best application of each of their strengths to ensure that you get a robust app. We also have Shopify app development services and excellent Amazon app developers.

If you are still on the fence about the benefits of opting to hire mobile app developer, here are a few reasons why your business requires an expert crafted app from us:

Geo-Targeting Marketing

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Many marketers all around the world agree that mobile apps are a quick and effective solution for engaging customer interest and communicating the availability of new deals, offers, and improved features. If you are interested in engaging a target market in a specific locality, a mobile application will provide information about a certain geographical location’s preferences with regard to the products you offer, thus making it possible to tailor your marketing campaigns as you see fit.

Boosts customer loyalty

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Clients who opt to install your business app on their device develop a connection between you and your brand that you can leverage to increase their loyalty. Through notifications and reminders, you will be able to create awareness about your brand, any new products, and remind them that they can rely on you for any business they require. They will feel more inclined to use a handy mobile app compared to relying on your competitors who rely mostly on websites or brick-and-mortar establishments.

Mobile apps are easier to navigate than websites

You will agree that scrolling through a mobile app is way easier compared to a website, which may have loads of other tabs and may not load as well on a smaller screen. Most searches and online purchases are made via mobile while on the go, and a customer will prefer to use apps as they load faster, are more interactive, and easier to use for online purchases.

They are excellent for customer service

Business-customer is a vital component for successful marketing and repeat purchases, and having a mobile app makes it infinitely easier to keep communication channels for feedback and complaints open. You can easily set up a customer help desk with your mobile app as an ally, and your clients will enjoy having a reliable direct line with your business where they can seek assistance.

Your app will help you stand out

If you are a new entrant in a flooded market, having a remarkably designed and useful app is one way of making you stand out from the crowd and making you a trendsetter. Choose to have a mobile app for your business, and soon all your competitors will be scrambling to create an app to catch up with you. Today’s clients like change and new experiences, and providing them with an app will provoke their interest and curiosity in your products.

Now that you know what you stand to gain from getting your business a mobile application, below are some of the services you can expect to enjoy by choosing to outsource app development to our able team of programmers:

We have sufficient knowledge and experience in cross-platform development

As mentioned earlier, both the iOS App Store and Google PlayStore are the most notable mobile app markets today. If you want to hire android app developers or an iOS app developer, why don’t you choose a team that is excellent in both? It is highly unlikely that your target market will only be in one marketplace, and we will provide an app that suits both iOS and Android users.

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We have excellent UI/UX skills

An effective mobile app today is not only about usability but appearance as well. Millennials will quickly uninstall an app that lags, has a shoddy design, and is difficult to navigate. Our able team of developers has plenty of experience in creating apps that have popular design elements to capture your audience’s attention and engage them. There are dozens of apps in the marketplace providing the same services you want to offer, and to stand out from the crowd, you will need a powerful UX. Our team, in addition to expertise in multiple programming languages, has a proven track record in thinking outside the box to deliver excellent UX for your audience.

Technical Support

Like any other technological service, mobile applications require constant checks, debugging, and updates to meet changes in iOS or Android app development policies, security, and trends. We are willing to be with you every step of the way and to offer swift action in the case of a malfunction and provide further technical advice. You will be our partner throughout the development and deployment of the application and will offer all the services you need for the app to make a significant impact on your business.

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We design mobile applications that meet target market expectation

A mobile application is only as useful as its intended clientele finds it. To determine what your target market wants, we shall research your target market along with the best strategies to boost customer engagement to ensure the final application offers excellent user experience and provides the services they require.