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Local Search Engine Optimization Companies

If you are a business today, the thought of bringing an SEO company to assist in the day to day running of your local search engine optimization needs may have crossed your mind and with good reason. SEO can be especially complicated for smaller businesses that could use more exposure on the internet or are new to the concepts of digital marketing. However, not to worry, if you are looking for the Best Search Engine Optimization services, we at BLU Digital Solutions are a team of SEO experts with experience and expertise spanning many areas of SEO.

First Things First: What is an SEO Company?

SEO companies or SEO agencies are companies that specialize in all the aspects of Search engine optimization to ensure that businesses’ improve the quality and quantity of traffic to their business websites or blogs. Search Engine Optimization is the process of boosting a website’s traffic by increasing its visibility on a search engine. If you are a personality or ecommerce entrepreneur, you could benefit tremendously by hiring a  SEO agency, as these companies have plenty of expertise and knowledge in the algorithms that rank websites upon users’ searches. As an internet user, you may agree that you rarely ever go past the first page on the search engines. Therefore, if your website is not among these first ten positions, the chances of your message being heard, however accurate and thought-provoking, are reduced to zero.

How do Search Engine Optimization Companies work?

The most competent SEO consultants will use the best white hat techniques and tools to ensure that your website or blog obtains the first ten positions on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They are well-versed with how Google, Yahoo, and Bing work, and will use this knowledge to your benefit. They also have experts in other fields that are relevant in ensuring all-around SEO that works, including a digital marketing team, website design and auditing engineers, to provide you with an all-around SEO strategy that will help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you run a business website or blog, the quality of your traffic is essential for your profitability. As a business, you are out to make profit, and quality traffic is traffic that identifies best with the products or services you are selling and will be more likely to make a purchase or hire. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO marketing strategies that bring only massive numbers with little conversions to show for it. We at BLU Digital Solutions are prepared to determine your target clientele and use keywords and phrases that are searched the most on search engines.

Being a high-value local SEO company, we are prepared to provide you with measurable results to show progress and areas that need improvement. Unlike other traditional marketing approaches, SEO can be easily tracked, and the resulting metrics used to show the returns of every campaign. Business is all about facts and figures, and with the monthly analytics we offer, you will view for yourself the positive results of hiring a qualified SEO manager like ourselves.

Why Choose BLU Digital Solutions

BLU Digital Solutions is a National SEO agency that offers affordable SEO services. Our team of lead generation specialists will analyze your website and highlight key areas that need corrections or a complete overhaul to make your website attractive to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We recommend changes that will help your website appeal to your target clientele and are relevant to your industry. From there, we craft a comprehensive SEO plan specifically for your business to boost your search engine rankings based on the information obtained from the in-depth analyses above. This plan will include identifying a list of relevant keywords, phrases, and marketing campaigns, as well as both onsite and offsite techniques to boost your website’s rankings on all relevant queries. With this plan, you can be sure that your message will be heard and the right people will view your product portfolio.

If you are looking through the internet for lead generation companies offering top-notch local lead generation services, BLU Digital Solutions is your top choice. We offer friendly monthly SEO packages for every business for anyone seeking local SEO services. As a professional SEO agency that has been in the industry for years, we do not endorse cheap SEO services, as these often use black hat techniques that only offer short term results and open up your website to malicious attacks. We instead offer all-around white hat SEO services to ensure value for your money and the benefits of long-term traffic influx to your website.

Our Services

We help companies increase sales & grow online

Web Design

A website that is crafted from scratch specifically for your business needs will better promote your vision and message and will be better for SEO. We at BLU Digital Solutions have a qualified team of website design professionals along with an SEO manager that will use optimal scripting languages and techniques to come up with the best possible site or blog.

If you are in eCommerce, you will require a website whose navigation, content and URL are search engine crawler-friendly. Website design is rather technical, and our dedicated web design engineers are ready to make your dream become a reality. With a great website, you will be able to focus on creating fresh, engaging content for your readers while we handle the web development complexities.

Ecommerce Development

Starting an eCommerce business is a great way to delve into the world of business, and to start on the right note, consider calling the professionals to navigate all the technicalities that come with it. Our eCommerce SEO company offers services tailored to fit your precise needs. Whether you are starting out, building an eCommerce website for an existing brick and mortar establishment, or growing into an omnichannel venture. If you are starting a brand new online store, our services will help you get started with the right technology stack. The technology required to start a successful online store that works great can be quite complex, not to mention the other aspects of running the business, such as inventory management, sales, permits, and legal requirements, and financing. With our services, you will be able to focus on the other aspects as we endeavor to craft a website with a friendly UX for your clients and excellent SEO. In addition to SEO and UX, we shall empower your website with additional functionality through creative custom solutions to reduce costs and make the most of your website.

Our SEO Consulting firm will ensure that your website is safe, PCI-compliant, and SEO friendly. Our expertise in ecommerce goes beyond the website and incorporates customer loyalty building, security enhancement, business workflow automation, and conversion optimization. With our ecommerce development solutions and guaranteed SEO service, your clients will keep choosing you, and you can rely on us for a reliable ecommerce partner.

App Development

Every Fortune 500 company is fully aware of the mobile revolution and the importance of mobile responsiveness to remain relevant and on the minds of your clients. The average American adult spends at least three hours on their smart device every day. Moreover, everyone today, including preteens, has a mobile device, which is the first thing they grab in the morning and the last thing they use before they turn in for the day, and you cannot remain relevant in business without a well-designed app. Mobile-readiness is a vital aspect of SEO, as Google is often quick to penalize websites that do not have a mobile-friendly website. However, there is a new dimension to mobile-readiness today, called a mobile app. Without an app, it will be impossible to keep up with competitors and market leaders using in-app purchases and push notifications to engage with customers.

If you would like your clients to have a simple but handy, clutter-free, and useful app for use on their computers, tablets, or smartphones, then look no further than BLU Digital Solutions. We have a team of app developers that will create the perfect app for your clients using Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry. With an app designed by a National SEO company, you can communicate with your clients easily and use notifications to highlight any discounts or promotions for your business.

Apps are also valuable digital marketing tools, as you can use a newsfeed feature, personal accounts, ads, and other means to keep your clients coming back for more. Our app development team will create a user-friendly, responsive, and intuitive app that will engage your target market. We are also fully aware of the Google Play and iOS App Store design guidelines and are prepared to follow them to the letter. What’s more, the apps we design here at BLU will have a dazzling user interface with a beautiful appearance and unique features that will encourage future engagement. We are also aware that millennials want an app that loads in about two seconds, and speed and responsiveness will be our utmost priority.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is all about influencing what external stakeholders, such as customers, competitors, and suppliers, perceive your business. You may also have found it labeled as online reputation management, brand perception, or internet reputation management. It should go without saying that a proper reputation is valuable for SEO and profitability at large. With the growth of social media, blogs, and review sites, these external stakeholders have plenty of avenues to show how they perceive your business. Managing an online reputation for a business is, therefore, way tasking than it was ten years ago, which is why you must consider having a qualified team to influence this perception. Even more complex is the fact that artificial intelligence also has a major role to play in your portrayal.

Our SEO reputation management strategies will ensure that your perception online and offline remains strong and positive so that your marketing efforts are received well and for the fastest SEO results. Most reputation management teams use social media and SEO to maintain brand perception on the positive side and achieve their clients’ goals. With a robust reputation in the market, sales and marketing will be easier on your team, as it is easier to sell a product that the world likes. If a client does not believe in your brand, they will be less inclined to hear what your marketing team has to say. Again, all manner of tragedies can occur, causing your public perception to be tarnished. We shall help you weather the aftermath of any PR incident and ensure that your corporate image is restored. Today, business survival relies heavily on your reputation, which we are ready to sustain.

Social Media Management

Social media has become one of the main topics of every marketing agency, and rightfully so because of the potential it has to bring invaluable clients. When properly handled, social media can become a goldmine for traffic and customers as well as branding and design considerations. Today, millions of customers interact with various brands on their favorite social networks, and should they come across yours, they expect a rapid, professional, and thought-provoking response. While you may want to try DIY tools for the first few months of running your business, hiring a professional to handle your social media affairs will help you make a more significant impact and improve sales.

Our social media management experts here at BLU are determined to craft a robust social media management campaign to promote your business and get your message across. When it comes to millennials on social media, quality is almost more valuable than quantity, and we are ready to assist with that aspect. Our social media management team is well-versed with the resources and tools that offer the best returns on social media. We shall create, analyze, and schedule the upload of relevant, high-quality, and engaging content on all major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Other services that go way beyond targeted and high-quality posts include sponsored pages and ads, which we shall optimize and use to get people talking about your brand. We also intend to manage multiple business accounts across various major networks, respond quickly and effectively to comments, schedule posts in advance, and analyze social engagement.

The kind of content to post on social media and what social networks to focus on depends mainly on your target clientele, and we are ready to find and engage them. Having top-tier social media management services will increase your authority in your industry, enable you to understand and remain in contact with your customers, and remain in control of your brand’s image. What’s more, social media has become the tool of choice for customer support, which is a valuable way of improving customer satisfaction and gaining feedback regarding your products. Globally, over 3 billion people are on at least one social network, and with our organic SEO agency, you can make the most of this digital group.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a rather misunderstood concept that a digital agency uses to bring massive returns to your business. PPC is an internet advertising method that businesses use to drive traffic to their websites by bidding on keywords relevant to their target market. If you have used a search engine, you may have noticed the first few results that are labeled ‘ads.’ These are examples of PPC advertising. In PPC, you as the advertiser will pay the ad publisher, usually the search engine every time your featured ad is clicked. PPC is not only limited to Google and Bing ads anymore; you may see it on major social networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and FaceBook. Some websites also display PPC ads when your keyword list matches that on the website’s content.

PPC marketing is one of the most effective campaigns in digital marketing. First, it is cost-effective as you only pay for its use once a user has clicked on the ad, and you get to spend according to your budget. You can also target a specific demographic based on their location, precise needs, or language, and generates metrics that you can use to track the returns of your PPC project. What’s more, it is one of the fastest techniques of organic SEO, as you will view the results of PPC almost immediately as soon as you have it set up.

Many types of PPC exist, and we at BLU Digital Solutions are ready to help you navigate the world of Pay Per Click campaign management. PPC is a highly specialized method of marketing, and to make the most of it, consider hiring a qualified digital marketing agency to set it up and select the model that is most cost-effective and productive for your business. PPC marketing is all about the keywords, and not all of them work. The keywords need to be relevant to your niche and geographical area and have low competition. We shall also create ads that are relevant and will convert your traffic into buyers.

If you find yourself needing any of these services we hope you will give us a call and let us show you what we are able to do for you. We lay everything out, go over it line by line, showing exactly what you can expect when you do business with us. If you would like a free website audit please fill out the form and we’d be glad to send you one ASAP, followed by several tips that you can implement yourself in order to boost the traffic to your website.

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My customer calls have increased 100% since allowing Wayne and Grant to help me. Their hands on approach and transparency keep me in the loop at all times. Thanks guys!


My customer calls have increased 100% since allowing Wayne and Grant to help me. Their hands on approach and transparency keep me in the loop at all times. Thanks guys!

Micheal Johson

Who would have thought that when I started looking for a lead generation specialist for my piano moving business, Id get lucky enough to find Grant with Blu Digital. Customers are calling all the time now! This one of the best lead generation companies ever.