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All businesses must have a social media presence. Over three billion people on the planet today using some form of social media to either relax, communicate with friends, or commune with people they have a lot in common. A strong social media campaign will help you connect with current and potential clients, boost brand awareness, and increase sales by directing leads to your business and website.

You probably know the importance of social media for your business, which is why you should consider hiring a professional to manage your social media accounts for you. We at BLU Digital Solutions are willing to use the best white label social media management techniques to make the most of what you have and ensure that your vision for social media is met. If you are worried about our social media management pricing, you should not have to worry, as our social media management packages are great for SMEs as well. Would you like new clients to discover your products or to create awareness about your transformation of your current products? Would you like to direct more shoppers from your locality into your brick and mortar store or require celebrity social media management services to generate buzz about your blog? At the best social media management pricing packages in the market, our experts will deliver excellent results for your business.

Channel Specific Social Media Management

The biggest social media networks today are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Snapchat, and our team are conversant with how each of these networks works, what the people who visit these networks expect, and how to leverage them for your business’ benefits. While one social network may rake in sales and followers for one business, it may not do the same for yours. You need a professional to thoroughly analyze your target market to determine where they prefer to hang out and make a play for their positive attention. As soon as we determine the best social media platform for your business, we shall set it up for you and manage it at a cost-effective rate.

Strategy Planning

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It is not possible t run a social media campaign effectively without a strategy. You need to determine what you want from social media then come up with benchmarks and goals to track the progress and see if you are getting results. If you would like to increase your following, a content strategy complete with social keywords and market analysis will ensure that your target audience can easily find your page. Our social media marketing team will craft a detailed plan with items such as an editorial calendar to help achieve your content strategy, and for a friendly rate, we can also implement it for you.

Content Creation Services

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If you already have well-established blogs or social media pages, our able team is willing to create content that is optimized for social media use. While you may have the perfect images, videos, and written content, different social media platforms have different rules and regulations or dimensions for images and videos, not to mention variations in formatting. For instance, Twitter only gives you 140 characters, but with an expert’s help, 140 characters are what you need to get your message heard.

Social media is a powerful platform for marketing and brand awareness promotion, and with the right assistance, your business can make the most of it.

Benefits of hiring BLU Digital Solutions for social media management

You get to focus on managing your business

Effective social media demands consistency and time, and if you are operating with a small team or do not yet have the funds to hire a full-time social media management team, outsourcing social media management may be precisely what you need. Managing your social media by yourself means spending time to craft the best posts, shoot videos, reply to comments, and keeping up with what is trending on twitter. Why don’t you leave all that hard work for us? Our team will effectively handle your social media for you so that you can focus on logistics, staffing, inventory, competitor research, and product improvement.

You get access to expert help

Effective social media for business is not as straightforward as personal use for engaging with friends or for fun. You may know how to start a Facebook page and post on it, but you may not know the best techniques for maximizing the results from your campaigns to generate as many leads for your business as possible. Instead of spending excess time studying what social media marketing is all about, consider leaving it to our pros at BLU Digital Solutions. For the friendliest social media management price, we shall keep up with the trends so that you do not have to.

You will stand a better chance at beating your competitors

All manner of trends keep cropping up on social media, and your competitors will always be one step ahead of you if you are not backed by a solid social media team. Moreover, by getting a social media expert to handle the finer details for you, you will stand a better chance at beating those who are relying on themselves. By choosing us, you can get access to expert advice and creativity that will give you an edge over your competitors.

You will get the perfect marketing mix

Social media marketing is not always about posting sales-related posts, tweets, and links. Remember that social media is a place where people go to socialize and have fun, and if all you do is convince them to buy, they will eventually get bored and unfollow your feeds. Effective social media is about finding that delicate balance between sales and engaging; and by engaging we mean images, random videos, informative blog posts, and engaging statistics and information. A timeline full of ‘buy now’ is not going to suffice, and our social media marketing team is ready to find that balance with fun, accurate, and engaging content.