E-Commerce Development.

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Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce today is the modern way of doing business. Thanks to technology, you do not have to jump into the uncertainty of business with both feet. You can keep your 9-5 job and run your business venture at the same time. Over 80% of American internet users have made some sort of purchase on the internet, and by 2021, the number of online shoppers is expected to hit 2.14 billion. One of the main reasons why people shop online is the ability to shop at any time of the day, and if you have that perfect product, it is time to take the plunge into online business.

Why choose our professional eCommerce developer?

We at BLU Digital Solutions, reputable online marketing, and eCommerce SEO company, have all the solutions you need to start on the right note. However, you worry that hiring an eCommerce developer will ruin your budget. Still, you only get one shot at a great start, and it is only right that you get the best business partner to guide you in it.

We shall make your eCommerce website mobile friendly

Most eCommerce purchases today are made via mobile. In 2019, mobile eCommerce was expected to account for nearly 70% of online sales. If your potential clients have to use a laptop or desktop to access your online store, you are losing clients to your competitors. Having a website that is not mobile-responsive is also bad for SEO, which diminishes your visibility online. With a mobile-ready website, your brand and online store will have greater visibility online, which means more organic traffic and greater chances of making a sale.

Excellent SEO Services

Seo Services

Our ecommerce development services also encompass SEO, which will ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and ranks highly on search engine result pages. Your potential clients use specific keywords to search for the services you offer, and our in-depth market research will determine these keywords and use them strategically on your website to ensure they find you. In addition to keywords and market research, there are other on-page, off-page, and technical aspects that affect your website’s SEO, including site loading speed, link building, content optimization, and sitemaps that our SEO experts will handle for you.

Your website will have a unique appearance

Uniqueness is key for success in online business. There are between 12 and 24 million active ecommerce websites on the internet today, including established giants like Alibaba and Amazon. To stand out from your competitors and intrigue your clients, you will need a website that reflects your unique products and brands. Custom-designed websites use proprietary code, which means that you will not have to worry about using the same template as any other person. A unique website is the first step in getting noticed in your niche.

In the end, it will be cheaper

You may not believe this at first, but hiring a professional ecommerce development company to handle your online store will eventually be cost-effective. We offer affordable services that will cover all you will need to start your online store. You will also avoid costly mistakes and time wastage that could make starting your business that much harder.

Excellent Security

ecommerce security solutions

All eCommerce websites must be PCI compliant, which means that they must be secure enough for online transactions for purchases. Any online business damaged by cyber-attacks rarely ever gets back on its feet, as once trust is lost, it may never be regained. Our web developers are aware of today’s most ominous threats to online businesses and will ensure that your website is foolproof so our customers can freely browse through your products and make purchases confidently.

We customize online stores using the finest eCommerce platforms online

Our team is well-versed with eCommerce website builders such as Shopify and WooCommerce and will work with you to deliver your vision using the power these platforms offer. By working with us, you will discover much more about what these platforms have to offer and take advantage of them at the most cost-effective rate.

We shall scale along with your business

We understand that starting a business is hectic, and bringing in revenue can be difficult at first. Our team is ready to provide solutions that are flexible and scalable to ensure efficient use of resources. Our eCommerce solutions, while scalable, are feature-packed and useful to provide you with everything you will require to get your business off the ground.

ecommerce functionality

Ecommerce functionality

Do you have a website but would like to integrate ecommerce functionality on it? Look no further than BLU Digital Solutions. Today, an ecommerce website is not complete without inventory management, report generation and analytics, loyalty programs, customer support, a shopping cart, and social media integration. Our ecommerce developers will also integrate the best and most convenient payment options for your clients to ensure that every customer finds a payment gateway they prefer.

Access to expert services and advice

Ecommerce is not as straightforward as many believe, and if you go at it alone, you may make some errors or make a false start. You do not have to worry about the technical aspects of your online store while you organize for funding, logistics, inventory, business permits and legal requirements, and marketing. Let our team handle the ecommerce site so you can focus on converting your vision into a remarkable business. Our team of ecommerce experts will also offer advice regarding the metrics your website provides and how to handle abandoned carts, customer engagement, and increasing revenue per shopper.

Ecommerce is the business model of choice for the forward-looking entrepreneur, and you can significantly increase your chances of success by hiring an ecommerce developer. We at BLU Digital Solutions handle the technical aspects of running your website at a cost-effective rate. You can also rely on our customer support desk in case your online store goes offline for swift remedies to ensure small mishaps do not cost you hundreds of dollars in profits. We shall be your partner in ecommerce, and our mandate is to ensure that your business venture generates revenue and meets your goals at all times.