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SEO boosts trust and credibility for your brand

The benefits of SEO for business have been highlighted many times over. Having an SEO-friendly website will make it more searchable and visible, but you may not truly understand all the other reasons why you need SEO for your business.

A website that is search engine optimized will also have a clean user interface, an SSL certificate for security, excellent content, and other attributes that make it stand out clearly from the rest. A website with these attributes also offers a clean, excellent UX and makes reputation management Columbus Ga that much easier. It is also easily discoverable, and if your webpage lands the first ten positions on the SERPs, your potential and existing clientele will regard it as having high authority, which is inevitably good for business.

Increases conversions

More organic traffic means more conversions, and organic traffic refers to the people who find your website after searching for information they deem important through their favorite search engines. Today, since more clients use their mobile phones daily, local searches have become incredibly valuable for small businesses. These are searches that focus on specific towns, cities, or states and enable your message to be heard by clients within your locality. If you are looking for high-quality Search Engine Optimization Columbus services, our Columbus SEO experts will make this a reality for you.

You will remain up to date with all the changes made to Google’s algorithms, thus ensuring long-term results and continued relevance

Google is the leading search engine in the market, beating Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to clinch 75% of the total market share. Its algorithms are always undergoing patch-ups and updates that impact your rankings, and proper SEO services Columbus will ensure that your website always conforms to the requirements of these changes. Google’s main objective is to ensure that its clients get the best results and high quality, non-spammy content, and with proper SEO implementation, your website will remain at the top of the SERPs regardless of the changes implemented.

What SEO services we offer

We at BLU Digital Solutions, a Columbus SEO company, are ready to provide the best possible SEO Columbus services to help you reach your desired goals. SEO is a technical field, and as you can see above, it comes with plenty of benefits for your brand. By hiring us, you will get an entire package of Columbus SEO improvement services that include:

On-page SEO

The bulk of search engine optimization will take place on your business website or blog, which is why we offer a wide range of on-page SEO. Without optimizing your website’s structure and content, your chances of having a successful SEO campaign are greatly reduced. On-page SEO is aimed at improving your page structure and content to optimize it for crawling and indexing. These include:

  • Page content optimization
  • Internal links
  • URL optimization
  • High-quality content that offers valuable information, is authoritative, and non-plagiarized

Technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit looks at the back end of your website to look for potential coding problems that may impact SEO. As mentioned earlier, search engine bots crawl through your website and use various ranking factors to determine your position in the SERPs. By conducting a thorough audit of your website’s backend, we shall identify key problems and fix them and ensure that it meets the requirements of Google’s algorithms. Factors we check in this case include site loading speed, sitemaps, internal links, and HTTPS content.

Content marketing

Content marketing today is still a trend as it was in 2019, and without a business blog with which you can engage your clients and offer expert advice, you are missing out. Content marketing is also one of the least expensive yet rewarding methods of online marketing Columbus. We at BLU Digital Solutions offer the best content marketing services as we understand how valuable content is when it comes to SEO. Our marketing agency Columbus Ga will provide high quality, engaging, and authoritative content in your area of interest to encourage your blog visitors to visit other areas of your business or social media platforms. With content from our writers, all your other marketing efforts, such as email marketing Columbus will be more effective and successful.

Link building

Links on your website are one of Google’s ranking factors. If your website has high-quality content but has few links, your SEO campaign will not be as successful. Link building is not as easy as it was before, as Google’s algorithms have incorporated a spam filter to eliminate websites crawling with spammy links from the first two SERPs. With our state of the art link building services, you can be sure that your website will meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We only use white hat techniques to guarantee you sustained positive results.

Website Design

Most business owners may not be aware that custom web design Columbus Ga has plenty of advantages. If your business is ready to start reaping the benefits of having a website, then consider bringing our qualified website development Columbus engineers on board. We shall create a look that matches your brand, business vision, and core values, and is search engine optimized from the very start. The website we shall script for you will also have an optimized UX with a clean interface for blogs, ecommerce, or interaction via social media integration. If you are in ecommerce, security will be our top priority to ensure your clients feel confident making their online payments through your website.

App Design

With the average American spending over three hours daily on their mobile device, it is imperative that your digital marketing campaign also entails the use of a useful, intuitive, and safe mobile app. Today, a mobile-responsive website is not enough; a robust mobile application is, too. The objective of our app development Columbus services will be to create an app that will resonate well with your brand, message, and your target clientele.

After carrying out a thorough target market analysis, we shall identify their key pain points, interests, and behavior, and design an application that suits them perfectly. Your app will be easy to use, appealing to the sight, and offer all the custom functions you would require from a high-quality app. Our team of stack engineers is well-versed with the Google Play and iOS App Store design guidelines and intends to have your clients’ security and convenience as a top priority.

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